Vivi of Bellissima Farms

                                                    (LDR Vittoria Di Pompeii)

                                                         Black blagdon  -  EE

​                                                                14.3

                                   Sire: LDR Whiskey   X   Dam: LDR Tequila


                                                 PSSM1 - double negative

                                                     grand sire =  Pompeii


Despite genetics of Pompeii and Tiki , this mare is a thick, generous 14.3.

Vivi is big and bold - big bones - shiny coat - good in social herd - LOVES her grain & peppermints!

 Continues to mature - getting thicker each day - loves to run in herd -  summer dapples - sensible and quick to learn                                  

                                                                                                                                                    updated  09/17