Never, never, never ........ in the history of time........ has there been a more loving mare

​Kiss that nose for half an hour.....  and its still not enough for her..........

Truffles has it all:  beauty, brains, personality & heart for adventure.  

After days of traveling --- across the pond, hanging out in quarantine, Truffles jumped off transport vehicle, ready for her next new environment.  Eager to meet her humans at gate -  loves PA hay & grains.  Easy personality - not the least bit spooky or fearful.  

Easily assimilated into herd - confident & beautiful.  

​She's a fricking tank...................  a deep dappled tank of awesomeness....

​Big bones, generous mane and tail  --- THIS is a fine example of what gypsy temperament should be

(imported) San Cler Chocolate Truffles of Bellissima Farms

                                       (San Cler Chocolate Truffles)

                                    2015 silver bay - EE  Aa  nZ

                                                       Bourneville   x   Carlad

​                                                             13.3 & growing

                                                PSSM1 - clear double negative                 updated 09/01/17