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Just wanted to tell u Charley & Lizzy are doing great - 
they are my little LOVE BUGS!
They are SO spoiled, but give me 10 fold back in love .... & lots of licks.  
For Halloween, Charley is going to be a devil & Lizzie - a lady bug.  
Charley is still shy - and a mama's boy. He is hooked to my hip - always. 
Lizzie is a lover & likes to snuggle in my lap. 
They sleep in my bed at night & SOMETIMES, if I am lucky, I will actually get a 
pillow. They have brought me such joy & 
happiness, I want TWO more!!! (But Charley wouldnt allow it)

I look at your website all the time - love the new pups.

Charley & Lizzies' mom
Phoenix, AZ

I am writing to share my experience with Bellissima Farms.  they had a wealth of knowledge about Chinese Cresteds& it was an overall great experience.  All the dogs Ihad a chance to see were wonderful - I am very, very happy with the pup I took home.  Thank you for the wonderful experience ...

Scottsdale, AZ

Just wanted to thank you for the puppy from Bellissima Farms - the one formerly known as Dilemma.  His name is now Snarf.

He's perfect for me & fits in great w/ my other dog.  

I'd reccommend anyone looking for a Chinese Crested to go to you for one.  You knew the ones I should choose from (according to my wishlist) and which would be best for me due to my MS.  Snarf loves my pug, Pepper and copies what Pepper does.  We all love Snarf & his "big dog" bark -- sounds like a dog 3 times his size.... and I love it!  

Mesa, AZ
I was looking for the perfect companion for my Chinese Crested, Miley - searching for months prior to coming across the Belissima Farms website. I searched thru pictures of the pups for sale - when I came across Sirius' photo, I just knew he was the one for me & the perfect match for Miley. I fell in love w/ him before I even met him! I called Susie that night & spoke w/ her for over an hour. I could tell from the passion in her voice that she had such warm feelings & compassion for her animals. I drove from Tucson that weekend to meet Sirus at the ranch.  Initially, when introduced, he was shy so we just sat there together for as long as I needed (until we both were comfortable & Susie was confident we were a good match). By the time I left, I was confident my new companion would fit perfectly into our family. I would recommend finding a companion from Bellissima Farms due to the high quality care & knowledge exuded thru both the website as well as speaking to Susie. I can't thank you enough for my new love!

I feel truly blessed to have this wonderful dog in my life.

 Marlissa Z., Sirus & Miley

 Tucson, AZ

Cooper came into my life right after the death of my brother. He has been constant company to me - he listens & licks & gives
me kisses. The best thing about Cooper is he can not talk back! He gives unconditional love & was the best gift a friend could give me.

Becky & Cooper C.
Desert Hills, AZ

We attended many horse shows, looked at quarter horses, arabians & numerous other breeds. We finally ended up going to an All-Breed Show & became intrigued w/ the Peruvian Paso horse. After studying the breed & becoming even more interested after discovering deep history & background on this very unique animal - we visited a number of ranches - & ended up at Bellissima Farms. We explained we had not ridden in awhile but were interested in purchasing 2 trail horses. I cannot begin to tell you how our paradigm has changed over the last few years . Susie showed us a number of beautiful horses & within a couple of days, we found 2 really wonderful mounts - all strong, sound & reasonably priced. Over time, we have purchased 4 additional horses from Bellissima Farms.

Susie & her entire staff have made owning a horse a pleasure. Their extensive knowledge of the Peruvian Paso has been incredibly helpful. We may have gotten a little carried away, as we now have 8 horses in the barn. However, if you are considering becoming a 1st time horse owner -- or if you are an experienced horseperson looking for quality, then Bellissim a Farms should be on the top of the list. Bellissima Farms is all about integrity, honesty & quality.

Don, Lin, Logan
Phoenix, AZ 

Thank you for sharing w/ us & the world your beautiful breed of Chinese Cresteds puppies. We so much enjoy our 2 little Powder Puffs! They are always the object of interest everywhere we take them. We have always been lovers of our canine friends, but none have given us such joy & delight as the faithful, loving personalities of these daring little companions. Words cannot express the enjoyment Jocco & Tipper bring to our home. Thanks for caring enough to raise the best of the breed! Thanks again Susie for all that you do on the behalf of others!

Faye & Fred & Jocco & Tipper J.
Mesa, AZ


Bellissima Farms is the place to look for the horse of your dreams. We looked & talked to other breeders but Susie was the most helpful. We told Susie what we needed & she promised if she did not have it, she would find it for us - and, she did just that. True to her word, we ended up w/ the horses that were perfect for us. After all is said & done, we now have 5 Peruvian Pasos - all thru Susie's help - including one beautiful baby out of 3 Times US Champion of Champions stallion - Sindical+. We have a great respect for the knowledge, caring & help we received from Bellissima Farms. Thanks for all you did for us.  

Jane & Lorie Jean
Sahuarita, AZ


Maddie has truly changed our lives. My girlfriend & I constantly ask each other how we got by without her. Every morning she kisses me goodbye when I leave for work & then is waiting by the door to greet me when I get hoe. Her wonderful personality is adored by everyone who meets her. I would recommend Bellissima Farms & the Chinese Crested breed to anyone who is looking to own a dog that is both a companion & playful. We couldn't be happier!

Erin M. & Maddie S.
Scottsdale, AZ


What a wonderful place to find your Chinese Crested! Susie both breeds & rescues Cresteds. All of the dogs I've seen were clean, well groomed & very healthy. It was obvious they were much loved at Bellissima Farms!
Susie took all the time that was needed to introduce me to the different dogs. She explained their backgrounds & personalities. I got to hold them & watch them run around. Susie explained the breed & needs in detail.
I chose my sweetheart, Zack, a small powder puff - 1 of the rescues. He has adjusted to his new home & snuggles in w/ me every night!
Susie has kept in touch & offers very helpful hints for taking care of his coat. I couldn't be happier.
If I ever got another Crested, I would look no other place than Bellissima Farms.
Thank you Susie for rescuing these precious dogs!

Betty & Zack
Phoenix, AZ


​I am writing to let you know how happy my husband & I are w/ our Peruvian Paso. This is our first horse & we could not have acquired a better animal for our family. Susie has been patient w/ us as we learned how to put on her bridle /saddle & other tack. Our horse has a beautiful gait & many a person has come up to me & asked what kind of horse she is. I feel sorry for people who have the "bouncy-non-gaited horses" that leave you w/ a pain under the ribs. I have ridden a couple of those & couldn't wait to get off! Thank you so much for all your help in picking out just the right horse for us. Our family has really enjoyed her & hope to acquire another PP in the near future.  

John, Nancy & Chris
Scottsdale, AZ


I have a Chinese Crested named Hailey who I got from Susie. Hailey has a silly personality, lots of love & wet kisses
to give constantly. There's not a day that she doesn't make you smile...& laugh, too! Everywhere we go she draws
people in w/ her looks & charm. They adore her & can't believe how sweet & loving she is. She truly is a joy to have as a best friend.  
Susie Levy is truly a reputable breeder. Her goal is to perfect this breed - and she has. She is trustworthy - I would recommend her Chinese Cresteds to anyone.

Melinda & Hailey C.
Desert Hill, AZ


After weeks of unsuccessfully working w/ a popular rescue group, I turned to Bellissima Farms to acquire my dream dog, a Chinese Crested. Susie at Bellissima was wonderful! I chose a small hairy hairless rescue & took her home. I should mention that Susie made time for us on short notice so that my kids would have our newest member of the family home in time for Easter. We took this very shy bundle of joy home - excited to see how she would interact w/ our existing dogs. Via phone & email, Susie kept in contact in order to remain current on our progress. After 2 1/2 weeks in our home, this little thing was still as scared as ever & not assimilating well. The pup was a rescue - adopted after home foreclosure - her life story was vague. Susie & I had a conversation where she suggested the pup may be a "broken soul" & may never adjust to our boisterous home. She told me, if I wanted to, I could return her & meet a few other animals to see if any would work better in our home. The next day I was introduced to several gorgeous, well-coiffed Cresteds & had a difficult time choosing - so we took TWO dogs home. Within 48 hours, one pup seemed to be intimidated by all the action w/ two young kids in the home, so I reluctantly called Susie again to inform her of the news. I expected her to be irritated, but quite the contrary, she was understanding & comforting. I asked if she would mind me returning the nervous dog & trading a different one we were considering. Her response was "Of course - and if this one isn't a good match, we will try another." Luckily, this was not necessary. We found two PERFECT fits in our crazy, noisy, animal loving family & couldn't be more happy - I have already recommended Bellissima Farms to my friends who are considering new pets. Thank you so much Bellissima Farms, and especially Susie, for your constant support & understanding. You made a stressful situation into something that was no big deal. I leave a very satisfied customer.

Tammy, Chris, Logan & Katana B.
Phoenix, AZ


After our horse troubles, my family decided it was time to get another horse. We decided we wanted a Bellissima Farms horse because: I have ridden horses bred by BFII & those who were not bred by BFII. There is a HUGE difference. Bellissima horses are so much kinder, smarter, behave better, are prettier, have a better gait & are gentle, where they seem to care for the rider. At Susie's ranch, a grey mare came over, began loving on us & began following us around! It was BFII Fatima (daughter of Sindical+, a legendary stallion in the breed) - we immediately fell in love w/ her looks & personality. Her purchase & training has been the greatest experience ever. I am glad for having the experience to know & learn - it is a relationship we can build together w/ our horses.

Daughter Katrina, 14 at the time, wrote some of her thoughts about Bellissima Farms:

*Susie helped us sell our other horse - one that was wrong for me

*Susie was there for me when I lost my first sick horse.

*Susie offered to allow me to come to her ranch when euthanizing our horse - she didn't know us that wel l- but wanted to help guide us thru our problems

*She offered me time at Bellissima Farms to learn more about horses.

*She involved me in BRAVO - working w/ special riders, as she did not want me to move away from horses due to prior bad experiences w/ bad horse purchases

*She offered to train me & my horse - for free - just so I would not turn away from horses.

*People at the ranch were helpful

*She's a nice person to deal with - & will try to help in any way. She also has the nicest people working for her.

Jane, Lou, Katrina
Queen Creek, AZ


Our Mollie came to us by surprise, approx. 3 yrs. ago, after our dog of 10 yrs., Roofus, unexpectedly passed away. Thru the kindness of Bellissima Farms, Mollie was placed w/ us for our daughter, Isabella. Initially, my husband & I were apprehensive about a new dog w/ Isabella, who was not yet a year old. But as time pased, Mollie became more of a playmate for Isabella, rather than a pet. I find Mollie in baby strollers, in dress up clothes, & playing tug of war. Never once has Mollie growled or made an attempt to hurt Isabella. Mollie protects her, sleeps by her bed & is so excited to see her whenever we return from an outing. She is truly part of our family in every way. Mollie has been described by our friends as sweet, gentle & most of all, patient. I don't think another dog exists that would tolerate Mollie's lifestyle. She has been a true blessing. I love to listen to my daughter tell others about her friend "Mol-Mol" - Isabella loves her w/ all her heart.

Isabella, Brenda & Bob F.
Phoenix, AZ


Several years ago, because of multiple back surgeries, my neuro-surgeon warned "no more horseback riding". We had raised arabians for years & my answer to the doctor was found at Bellissima Farms with the beautiful Peruvian Paso horse. I found that, at Bellissima, Susie had the experience & skills to be able to match the horse to the rider. The "love connection" was not only based on skill & experience - but also on temperament of horse & rider. The match-making of both is carefully thought out in order to put into place the various factors, which will allow you & your horse to become partners in Equus.

Norton & Page
Coolidge, AZ


 I am very pleased w/ my finding Bellissima Farms & my wonderful Chinese Crested pup, Heff - who is truly a delight. When I first went to meet Susie we ended up spending about 2 hours together talking horses & dogs & the proper care of this wonderful breed. After meeting Heff, I knew I had to have him. Susie really worked w/ me & gave me all the information I could possibly ever need aabout his breed & what to expect. After taking him home & us getting used to each other, I realized why she has such a love for the breed. They are the most amusing , loving & personality filled pups I have ever met! I would absolutely recommend Bellissima Farms to anyone considering purchasing a Chinese Crested - the only place I will go to get my next one!  

Elise & Heff C
Phoenix, AZ

P.S. He is doing wonderful. Took him a long time to get used to me, a little over 1 month, but after that he was attached to me & still is. He loves to play w/ my cat & chase birds. He's totally potty trained, only has accidents when he's in a new place. He's still very shy w/ other dogs & people, but as long as I'm there, he's OK. He's even exploring playing w/ my parents' dogs. I will send more photos as I get them. Tho he's adorable, he doesn't stay still very long for me to get a good photo haha


In March of this year, I lost my beloved Chappy, a 15 yr. old Chinese Crested - his death left a gaping hole in my life - he was fearless, joyful & dauntless. I called breeders sporadically after he died, but it never felt right. I called Susie on an especially low day. After I spoke w/ her, I knew it would be fine. She listened to me about Chappy, his temperament & told me to wait - she had an idea - she knew exactly the dog for us. I was sure I wanted a male hairless, but I was wrong. Our beautiful little hairy hairless girl is perfect. We have 2 large dogs that she adapted to within days. She runs like the wind, howls when I sing & makes us laugh daily. If she is walking, her tail is wagging. A Native American at the Humane Society told my husband that dogs w/ 2 different colored eyes are "spirit dogs" -- I completely believe it! Never doubt this compassionate woman or her dogs .......they are both a force of nature .

Thea, Michael & Crazy Horsie
New Mexico 


As a first time dog owner I was not quite sure what to expect. I knew there would be surprises as it was a new experience. What I didn't expect was the personalities of these dogs. Theya re so full of love - its amazing! I now have THREE of them who ar family members. We always say the seem like "people". You would never know there are any dogs in the house - because they just don't have that "dogy smell". Actually, we have never had any problems - very healthy - not even fleas! The joy that these Chinese Cresteds have brought to our family is awesome. We can't imagine our life without them. Thank you for all of your knowledge. It has been a pleasure to meet you - we look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

Leesa S., PA


After several years of admiring the unique beauty of the Chinese Crested, we finally decided it was time to get one. This is how I found Susie at Bellissima Farms. The second I saw my pup Waffle - it was love at first sight! A few months later, we decided that our little guy needed someone to keep him company all day while we were ar work. We returned to Susie to get a new little boy - Foosa. Now we have these 2 adorable dogs that our family truly loves. I had no idea I could love a dog as much as I love them. They are so easy to take care of & so full of love. These dogs are the perfect family pet.

Over the years, I have been able to contact Susie about questions I may have had about the breed. Susie has always been there for us even long after the purchase of our dogs. Now how many people can say that about their breeder?

Thank you for bringing such joy into our household!

Wendy, Sean, Nikki , Zack, Waffle & Foosa
Queen Creek, AZ


Hi Susie. We're back from an early ride in the Santa Catalina mountains. Thanks so much for introducing us to the Peruvian Paso breed - they have a sweet temperament, are well-mannered, well-trained & show the brio one looks for in a Peruvian Paso. We appreciate your time & patience w/ us, assuring the right "match" of horse & rider. We also appreciate the lack of sales pressure. We've very pleased w/ out "Boys" from Bellissima Farms. Thanks.

Bob, Barb, Tonopah &
Tucson, AZ


Hi Susie - I'M IN LOVE! She was just as happy to see me as I her. She is beyond beautiful. All her markings, what can I say? I took her to bed & she snuggled up & fell asleep. She's been really good about going to the bathroom. I do use pee pads in my laundry room because of my older dogs & she went right to it when we got home. This morning (actually late morning) as soon as we woke up, I took her out & she went. She is a smart little girl. I was very pleased w/ Pet Airways - I even received a report card on her overnight stay. Of course, it read excellent & everyone loved her. She is on my lap sleeping now. Thank you for all the time you spent communicating w/ me & all the pictures you sent to assure me. I have truly found my dream dog. I couldn't be happier.

Maria & Chanel

Hi Susie, I am so in love with my Chanel. She is healthy, happy and such a lover and cuddlier. I've attached some pictures for you to see how beautiful she is. Thank you so much for finding me my perfect little girl. Let me know if you were able to open them.  

Maria - Florida


To anyone interested in a beautiful Chinese Crested, look no further! I stumbled onto Susies' website & boy am I glad I did! I had no intention of buying a CC, but after I saw Leo ..... he was already an adult & absolutely the most exquisite thing I had ever seen. I knew in an instant, he was for me. (I was looking for a puppy, and a terrier at that)

I called Susie & she was just wonderful. Susie answered each of my questions, told me all about the dog - not candy-coating anything in order to sell him to me. She really & truly wanted me to be happy & wanted Leo to be happy too. I called her so many times, am quite certain I was annoying, but you would never know it. She is an exceptional person, very happy to help, never making you feel bad in any way. She even called several weeks after taking him home, just to see how we were doing. I highly reccomend Bellissima Farms - I am so happy - I want to get another one from her!  

As for Mr. Leo, he was a bit "off" for about a week, feeling displaced, am sure. Shortly afterwards, he assimilated into our "pack" easily. My husband said to me "Mr. Leo is just one of the gang now ... its' like he's always been here w/ us." You have no idea of how happy this made me. He is the most beautiful, loving, WELL BEHAVED little dog! He is amazing in every way, sleeps w/ us every night, along w/ our other 2 dogs. Everybody is as happy as can be! I can promise you this: get yourself a Bellissima Farms Chinese Crested, & I guarantee you, you'll go back for another. Thanks to Susie for everything ... especially my beautiful Leo.

Rio Rico, AZ 


BFII Hercules is doing wonderfully. We have problems in the summer w/ "sweet itch" - skin allergy to bugs here & continue to search out the magic solution -- makes for alot of scratch'in going on.

We leave shortly for our annual vacation week in Ozark Mts. to trail some incredible hills/trails, Herc will be my partner & I promised him I would lose 40 lbs. before we go - ALMOST have made it. I couldn't stand the guilt of making him haul me around if weight had not come off. The resort we go to has professional photographers snapping shots throughout the week - will try to get some good ones to send you. Herc's 19 year old brother, Viento de Media Noche is going too. My 74 years young mother will be riding him some during the week. She can never remember to call him Noche for 7 days, so it's Nacho.

I wish you could have seen Herc last year. Southern Missouri had received monsoon type rainfall the whole month of October - creeks/rivers we ride were terribly swollen. We reached one where it was either cross or get lost going back . My brave little Herc plunged right in clear up to his chest w/ the current pushing him right along. We made it across safely altho' my mother was sputtering after Noche reached the other side!

Thank you for allowing him to share out lives. Did Katrina ever find BFII Fatima a permanent home? We only met her one afternoon but she stays in my mind as the most totally sweet horse I ever met. Katrina had NO idea what she had! All the best.

Anne R.
Thurman, IA 

Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and thank you 
again for parting with Simon - he is SO sweet!  I will take
him to work to show off & he follows me everywhere I go - 
never has accidents - everyone wants to know the secret - 
I say, " Teach them daily and love them."

(Just like our own children, dear Friend...........)



My husband has wanted a Chinese Crested dog since the day I met him 7 years ago.  Now it was the right time to get one.  We looked online - alot - and found Bellissima Farms.  I spoke to Susie on the phone and knew right away this was the right place to get our new dog.  We live in the San Francisco area - Scottsdale, AZ is about 13 hour drive.  it was well wort  h it.  Susie was very knowlegable & accommodating.  It was SO hard to choose a dog because they all were so sweet.  I talked my husband into getting two.  Carson chose me -- and I'm glad he did.  We also took his brother Calvin home with us.  they are adjusting to their new home really well - and we are very very happy.  thank you so much Susie!        Sincerely, Laura & Marco P.



​Little Nico is doing amazing - he is very much a 1-person-man - sticks to me like glue.  While it took him several weeks to really warm up, we worked hard & patience paid off.  He decided on my pillow, on my head is the perfect place to sleep.  Its been fun watching him learn about Emma, toys & all the other things pups interact with.  He now shows ecitement & love.  He & Emma are getting along so well - they are perfect for one another.  Hard to tell which is considered alpha, they both keep one another well-informed on their intents. I love towatch them play as he has really taken to toys.  Tried to take Nico out for a drive, but he seems prone to car sicknessnot sure if he is getting used to it - or if that will everhappen.  Anyway, he is beautiful, perfect, happy & already contributed much to my & Emma's life - I cant thank you enough.   I still check your website out on occasion - which may get me into trouble.       Jessica, Emma Jo & Nico