Sweet Annie of Bellissima Farms

                                                                          (Indigo's Royal Grace)

                                                                    2009 black spotted  -  EE nLP

                                                        Sire:  Indigo Royal Knight  - Dam:  Black Beauty

                                                                PSSM1 - double negative

                                                                          GVHS:  GV03503P

​                                                   AVAILABLE FOR MARE-BELLY-LEASE PROGRAM                               updated 11/04/2016

After seeing chest, bone & hind end on this mare, we were anxious to add her to our breeding stock.  Thick with a great neck, beautiful head - informally used to transport grand kids....... EXACTLY what we were looking for.   

Annie has assigned herself as "momma" of younger fillies, bossing them about, teaching manners and herding them to dinner.  

​Exciting feature:  Annie carries LP!  Rolling the dice on patterns ............. whoo hoooooooo!!!!!  

​Stay tuned for updated photos..............