Supplements and Natural Remedies

Bellissima Farms is not a Vet Center.........
however, as die-hard animal lovers, committed to the safety of 
both our stock & the environment, we are sharing some of the 
natural secrets discovered over the years.  
BFII incorporates multiple forms of disease prevention, fly control, 
parasite infestation, bathing/grooming materials, etc. - all in an
attempt to cautiously rid ourselves of any scary funk that invades 
the home of our animals.
Chemical products (innoculations, wormers, etc.) are unavoidable 
necessities as standard operating procedure, however, natural products 
& supplements are used whenever & wherever possible to enhance health 
or enviromental conditions.  
Diatamaceous Earth 
Specially formulated diatomaceous earth, found in feed stores, is used both in and around animals in lieu of spray/granular pesticides.
DE, a pulverized fossil shell, acts as a mechanical kill, as opposed to toxic sprays, which can be inhaled or absorbed thru the skin.
Microscopic shards of nature are dusted around stalls, porch, patio, grassy areas - even in moist food or dry kibble.  As DE enters the body, completely harmless to the host animals' system, it turns deadly to insect/worm/parasites minus an exo-skeleton.
Daily applications of DE, in conjunction w/ standard commercial wormers, contributes to our health guarantee, combining nature & science in order to preserve our promise of healthy stock.
IMPORTANT:  Use Diatamaceous Earth WITHOUT additives, which are almost always toxic to animals.  
Garlic has implemented thru out the ages as a natural antibiotic which assists in detoxifying the body against harmful agents.
While promoting friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract, it also provides sulphur & MSM to the diet, thus stimulating antibacterial, antifungal & antiviral  properties. DO NOT USE garlic from the grocery store. Use the kind specially prepared for dogs or horse.
Vinegar (brown) - in equine drinking water or mixed in grain - helpful in dissolving stones

Mineral Oil - 1 full cup, 7 days each month - lubes equine gut, making environment more condusive to passing stones

MSM - oral - helps sick, ailing, recovering animal - arthritic conditions

Citronella Oil - 50/50% in water - spritz bottle - amazing fly repellent w/ lemony clean scent

Sweet Orange Oil - 50/50% in water - spritz bottle - insect repellent