Dam Joplin - smoky black   EE  nCr

Bellissima Farms Suki

Clononeen Darrig   x   Joplin


2017 black (Ee  aa) (carries red too)

PSSM1 - double clean via parentage

project height at maturity - 14.2 - 15h

           Bellissima Farms Suki

                    Clononeen Darrig 13.2   - Joplin - 15h

                                 2017 - black - EE

                PSSM1 - double clean via parentage

                 height at maturity projected - 15h

She has to stay!   Recognizing almighty Darrig threw fillies for foundation stock, soon as Suki was born, we all decided, "She has to stay!"   Out of our Sir Keiths' most gentle daughter, Joplin, Suki will become part of Bellissima Farms herd, bringing all of her sires' goodness to the table.  Carrying both black & red, she is sure to be heavily appointed by way of mane & feather. 

‚ÄčTall at weaning, thick w/ bone - Suki should mirror her mamma in height (15h+).  Gentle as a lamb - very very affectionate.

C;lononeen Darrig - exceptional Sire - Suki