Magnificent Dam - Evangeline

                                       Mill Cave Stonewall of Bellissima Farms

   2015  black tobiano SPLASH --- TWO blue eyes

    EE  nT

    Tom Price's Apache   X  Evangeline

NEW bloodlines to USA!!!

11 h - compact & TINY - LOADED w/ hair

PSSM1 - clear double negative

​GHRA A00002044

                              2018 - Stoney's introductory year - introductory price $1200.00

Fantastic temperament - bringing new blood to USA - cobby - hairy - gentle & cooperative.  Hetero Tt offers solids for those who want to roll the dice .........he is the son of Nancy Haydens Evangeline - see photos of dam for conformation projection.  Stoney is PSSM1 - clear - as are ALL our stallions.  RIDICULOUSLY sensational temperament - handled by 9 yr old "city kids"........  silly personality - loves people to death!