Get  of  Sire

             Super awesome  2016 black silver filly- "Fire & Rain"   - bred, owned & loved by Christine                                                 




2016 dashing black/white tobiano colt "Mockingbird - bred, owned & loved by Christine


Bellissima Farms Silver Chalice - bred & loved by Bellissima Farms - 2016 bay silver colt - owned by Theresa & Dan

2016 crazy patterned filly Mae, bred by Bellissima Farms & lovingly owned by Rebecca

Rock A Bye Sweet Baby James of Bellissima Farms

Sire: Sir Keith    Dam: Cinnabar (Lenny Daughter)

2011 - Ee - aa - nZ1 - black silver dapple


PSSM1 - clear double-negative

GVHS#:  GV04806

                    Lineage:  St. Clarins, Sir Keith, Desert Jewel Lenny, Shambo, Moores Bay, Lob Eared Horse, Cinnabar

Fee: $1600.00 Excellent Chilled Semen
"....and WHO is this?" - most common visitor question - ranch hottie - powerful - awesome - ​has sired some of the BEST conformed & strongest get in America today  Photos due him no justice.  None.  When he moves, one can hear thunder in the distance...................... SOooooo impressive ..........

PSSM1 - clear double negative - as are ALL our stallions.

Look at his dam, Cinnabar, owned by Drei  - one of the most dramatic mares in USA - untouchable when it comes to conformation & thickness.  

Limited breedings available per year.  $500.00 non-refundable deposit holds your place in line             updated 09/01/17