"Nobody puts Baby in the corner.................."    - exited transport vehicle ...... demanded space and respect - at the age of 2 - in a herd of more mature horses!  Immediately found food and water --- asked no permission......  what confidence!

Arrogant and bossy as a kid - she matured to a super-fine, loving mare ----   a real asset to our stock.

Confident, sensible, sharp & shiny as a new penny.  Beautiful warm eyes, eager to see & experience new things. 

Great bone, great hair. 

More foundation stock - courtesy of Judith & Clive.

                         San Cler Red Rag Top of Bellissima Farms

                                                       (San Cler Get Ready) 

                                              2015  chestnut pearl -  ee  aa  Prl

                                                             12.2 & growing

                                        San Cler Creme Cracker   X   Amber

                                                    PSSM1 - double negative