Study material on our unique little breed is not an easy thing to 
come by - & alas, much of that info is somewhat dated.

I have found people repeating things they read, w/ no personal 
experience to base it upon.

This often times perpetrates focus on particular conditions, 
enhancing their importance, shoving unremarkable concerns to the 
forefront - clouding truth/learning.

Keep your eyes peeled for updated material - new info is coming out 
all the time.  Some current reading is well based & helpful.

First & foremost, the CC is simply a dog.  

There are no big secrets :  allergies, skin conditions, seizures are 
all possible, but NOT probable - w/ the CC or any other breed.

Breeders have widened their gene pool & are doing a really good job of emphasizing health/strength.  

ALL breeds have pesky problems - large breeds: a shortened life span - this concern has not diminished the popularity of the boxer, mastiff or dane.

For the most part:  the Chinese Crested is one of the easiest & cleanest of all choices.

Regardless of testing, there is NO way to positively rule ot an entire roster of potential health concerns.

Review the "job description" for your new pet.  If you want an animal to pull the plow, a CC probably won't fit the bill.  However, if you are looking for the PERFECT, cuddly, adoring companion -- go no further.