Bellissima Farms Mimsy

                Clononeen Darrig  x  Graciela

                           2017 black

          PSSM1 double clean - via parentage

       project height at maturity - approx. 13.2

Bellissima Farms Mimsy

Clononeen Darrig   x   DJ Graciela

DOB:  02/23/2017

2017 - black (Ee  aa)  (carries red too)

PSSM1 - double negative via parentage

height projection at maturity - 13.2       updated 09/01/17

Outrageous Darrig - Sire - Mimsy

Soooooooo demure - thats Mimsy our black (Ee) 2017 keeper filly - a smaller package of perfection.    

Half-sibling to Silver Chalice - carries both red and black genes.

Quiet, cooperative -- Momma is daughter of ultra-fab Falcon , sire is Darrig - she is dripping w/ hair and has GREAT bone.

Magnificent Graciela - Dam - Mimsy