Lunas' Dam - La Princessa Gitana

(Hacienda do los Gitanos )  Luna of Bellissima Farms

2014 - black Ee

14.0h and growing

Brackenhill Boots (GHRA A0001113)   x   La Princessa Gitana (GHRA  B00000466)

PSSM1 - clear double negative

Another darling by Brackenhill Boots (Brackenhill Alfie) - sweet, awesome conformation, lush mane, tail & feather.  Luna stole our hearts from Day #1.  Nick-named "Twister" for the white tornado marking on her head, our sweet girl is very, very loving (almost obnoxious)  - one of the first to meet us at the gate daily.  She is epitome of what a good gypsy mare should be - especially by way of temperament.  Generous mane, tail & feather.  Personality GALORE!  Thrilled to introduce her as part of our foundation stock -- keep your eye on this one.