(Imported)  San Cler Liberty Belle of Bellissima Farms 

                                                            (San Cler ChocolateButtons)

                                                           Sire:  San Cler Bourneville  x   Dam:  Millie of San Cler

                                                                                 2014 black silver dapple

                                                                                              pssm1- n/n

                                                                          projected size @ maturity 13.1

Love, love LOVE our silver  crazy wild dappled pixy!!!!! 

Imported from our friends, Judith & Clive, Bellissima Farms is proud to replicate the goodness of San Cler stock - compact & fancy, topped w/ extra-extra-extra good nature.  Despite her journey & varied experiences, LibertyBelle arrived in excellent condition, ready to cooperate w/ what was asked of her.  She is slow to react to stimuli - seeing noise as a challenge, rather than threat. Tiny thick cobby bundle of yumminess.  Loaded w/ feather & smart as a whip, she will be forever loved - trumpeting the San Cler name in USA, while expanding bloodlines.  This  gentle precious mare is adored by all. 


                                                                                                                 NOT AVAILABLE FOR MARE-BELLY-LEASE PROGRAM                Updated    09/0412017