​​Smart, well handled smoky black son of Pompeii - superior temperament - sire 13.1 ---dam 15.0 - he appears to take more after dams' height

​Tested negative for roan yet he carries an interesting roan-like pattern, seen on other Pompeii foals. Dam is solid, sire is roan.  Jory has some type of pattern in his coat - lots of white ticking - perhaps something we don't yet have a tests for?  Dramatic and flashy - sometimes appears to be steel grey.

He carries elusive cream gene - momma is Falcon daughter - golden genetics

Jory is very very lovable, super gentle, people lover extreme.  VERY easy to handle.  SUPER cooperative.

​Stands to be groomed - no need to tie

​Big bones - will make superior exhibition or trail gelding

​Beautiful head, lots of hair, TONS & TONS & TONS  of feather - easily handled by kids.  At one point, we offered him for sale, but due to evolution, we are holding himback, perhaps to remain on our stallion lineup. Too many positive factors to allow him to be gelded at this time.