Joplin w/ her 2017 black Ee filly by Clononeen Darrig,

Bellissima Farms Suki

Joplin walking with her 2017 filly by Darrig - Bellissima Farms Suki - black Ee

Joplin of Bellissima Farms

Sire: Sir Keith    Dam: Charlie

2013  EE  nCr  - smokey black 

height - 15.1

PSSM 1 - clear double negative

Such a love bug - adorable & snuggly - real people lover - despite size, will be incorporated into our "special riders" program as she is truly a healing horse - intelligent, cooperative, sensible - not a spooky bone in her body - sent by God to work w/ those who may feel broken - excellent brood mare

                                      Updated  04/2017