2017 palomino w/ agouti colt - Valentino - out of black pearl Audris

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​​DJ   Irish Outlaw of Bellissima Farms

Sire: DJ Apollo (Hermits)     Dam: Palomino Perfection (Golden Hope) 

2012 - buckskin - Ee - Aa - nCr

PSSM1 negative  - double clear


Fee:  $1500  -  Excellent Chilled Semen

Outlaw sired by DJ Apollo (Hermits) - Ee  AA  spotted stallion  

DJ Apollo sired by Hermit's Lonely Ghost - leopard few spot - out of Hermits Cassatta

Hermits Lonely Ghost sired by Kyllkenny - Tansy of Darcy

Blockbuster, tightly-packaged conformation - wrapped in dazzling summer dapples - occasionally some shoulder stripes - WOW ---  sweetest temperament found anywhere. One wouldnt expect a young stallion to be quiet & well behaved, yet Outlaw gets an A+.   Unbelievable build - just look how that neck sets into chest & shoulders -  moving artwork.  Soft, sooty eyes - super thick mane, tail & feathers - not a rogue bone in his body.  Quick to catch on - easily one of the BEST buckskins standing in USA today.  Might be cheaper, taller, older or younger -- but few can rival his stable, solid compact conformation or burnished sooty dapples. Superior temperament& loves his people. His first foal - Bellissima Farms Valentino - born Valentines Day 2017 is PHENOMENAL!  BIG bones and hardy.  

Limited breedings per year.  $500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your place.  Outlaw is clear of PSSM1 - as are ALL our stallions.

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