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Date __________

Shipping is ONLY Counter-to-Counter - FedEx shipping schedule/costs varies on weekends. 

We ship from FedEx - Hunker Location - 401 Paintersville Road, Hunker, PA   1-800-463-3339

M-F  9am-7pm  Express cut off is 7pm    Ground cutoff is 5 pm

​Sat: 10am-1:30pm - no ground - Express only until 1:30pm

​Sunday closed

​Friday shipping to be delivered on Saturday will be additional cost

Requested Stallion__________________   Fee: ____________ (for this contract only) 

For year _____________

If mare owner has multiple breeding discount, entirety of discount will be applied to final semen purchase.  Discounts do not apply to collection or shipping. 

_________ Initial to acknowledge  

Breeding discount offered ____________  on total of _________ breedings this season.

**Semen, collection & breeding fees to be paid via Paypal or bank wire - in full - before semen will be shipped.  A credit card is required for shipping container deposit - c/c to be credited after container is returned if container is returned in same condition and within 3 days of receipt. This action will be made as separate entry.**

$500.00 non-refundable deposit on semen selection made on this date _______ via Paypal or bank wire. (circle one)

​Deposit secures Mare Owners place in line for one year.  It cannot be transferred to another year or another mare unless specific approval has been made by stallion owner, in writing.

Approx month semen will be required _____________

Due to fluctuations in weather, illness,  holidays, etc., stallion owner is not bound by month, but will labor intensively to to cooperate with Mare Owner once actual date is identified.  


Name _________________________ Email _________________________

Cell _______________________Ranch name ________________________

Address ______________________________________________________

Mare is:  (circle one)      Owned          Leased 

(if leased, mare owner permission, in writing, required before breeding)

Name of mare ____________________  DOB __________ 

Color/markings ______________________________

​PSSM status __________     Registration/Association #s_____________________________

​Full breed/cross bred _________________

​I understand mare may not be substituted (signature) ___________________________________

​I understand if breeding produces twins, only one will received breeding certificate


​Physical Location of mare __________________________________________________________________________

​Use of semen is limited to one breeding w/ this contract.  Single breeding certificate will be issued for single foal.  Breeding unapproved mares, multiple breedings, misuse of semen, embryo transplants or any unauthorized behavior will result in civil litigation w/ Mare Owner paying all fees.  I agree (signature required) ____________________________________

​Name of Mare Owners Vet _________________________  Cell _______________________

​Email _______________________

Address ____________________________________________________________

Complete history of breeding issues ___________________________________________________________________

Re-breeding:  no charge for semen.

Collection & shipping fees remain the same

​"Live foal guarantee" translates to standing, sucking foal.  Should non-viable conditions be confirmed by vet (i.e. abortion, still born, mare fails to conceive, etc.) a return season is promised, as agreed by Stallion OPwner/Mare Owner, in writing.    30 days notice must be given.

No LFG on third re-breed.

​Should mare fail to settle after third try, Stallion/Mare Owner will confer, possibly offering substitute stallion (only those offered to public or equal value), based on agreement and documents from Stallion/MareOwners.

​Only a licensed vet can provide written confirmation/theory as to foals loss after heartbeat is determined.

Contract is void if loss is associated with failure to maintain mare in proper condition via shelter/nutrition/exercise, parasite eradication, timely inoculations, protection from wildlife, poisonous graze or appropriate medical attention for illness/infection/distress. 

Inoculation labels are to be retained for proof in records.

​Should foal loss be a result of lack of shelter or birthing among wildlife, contract is void.  

Vet care excused for any reason nullifies contract.

​Should named stallion be deemed unfit for service, by mutual agreement, Stallion/Mare Owner will choose replacement from stallions of equal value - offered to the public.

Semen will be shipped to address identified.  All fees paid in full prior to ship - contract bound by PA law.

Stallion owner not liable for lost or delayed shipping.  

​Insemination must be performed by vet professional.

Contract not transferrable to any other stallion unless agreed upon by Stallion Owner.  

One week notice of collection is agreed upon, however, due to mares cycles, we will do our best to accommodate late requests.  In event of late requests, we cannot guarantee timely delivery but will labor to satiate need. 

​Verification via ultrasound is recommended between 16-20 days.  Confirmation ultrasound between 28-45 days.  At this time, Stallion Owner will be notified of successful breeding.

​Stallion owner will make every effort to make sure Mare becomes successfully inseminated. 
 however, should mare fail to conceive and completed veterinary form certifying failure and subsequent testing performed, Stallion Owner will renew this contract on similar terms and conditions , for next breeding cycle, with no charge for semen.  Collection and shipping fees will remain constant and are expected to be paid prior to collection, as well as container deposit (if already refunded). Stallion Owner reserves the right to request substitute comparable mare depending on information from Client and their vet regarding breeding condition of mare.  

Should mare fail to carry the conception to full term and deliver a live foal that stands and nurses, a return priviledge will be granted which must be used in the next breeding season on same mare or comparable mare owned or leased by Client.  In such case, Breeding Fee will be waived but Client continues to be responsible for collection and shipping fees. 

If stallion is no longer available, Stallion Owner retains right to implement substitute stallion, of equal market value,  after verification with Client. 

A veterinary certificate must be submitted concerning early embryonic death, abortion or stillborn nature of foal plus a breeding soundness report of Mare to be re-bred to affect this LFG (live foal guarantee).  This guarantee also covers the death of Mare prior to time of birth of foal, if foal does not survive. 

Guarantee is void if the mare has not been fed nutritionally balanced hay/grains, is left unattended for foaling or medically neglected.  "Medically neglected" includes all Pneumabort shots thru out gestation (5, 7 and 9 months), Spring/Fall shots, rabies, parasite eradication, psyllim husk to prevent colic and necessary vet care for all months of pregnancy, including shelter.  Failure to comply voids LFG.  It is suggested records be kept to verify facts. 

Client assumes all responsibilities for condition of Mare, all risk of loss or damage to Mare by death, disease, injury, infection or otherwise and by any cause whatsoever including inappropriate , untimely or negligent insemination or failure to inseminate.  Client holds harmless Stallion Owner, Bellissima Farms , its owners, officers, directors, employees, and agents from any liability for any and all damages associated therewith.

Client agrees to use the semen requested ONLY for mare listed in this contract.  Should Client use semen with alternate  mare or multiple mares, it is agreed Client will pay Bellissima Farms a penalty fee in the amount of $10,000.00 per incident, payable within 45 days of use of semen. 

Client initials __________   

This breeding contract is subject to interpretation under laws of the State of Pennsylvania and any disputes regarding contract must be brought in court of lawful jurisdiction in Westmoreland County.

When signed by both parties this contract is binding on Client, Mare Owner, Levy, Opalinski and Bellissima Farms.  This Contract is not assignable or transferrable.  Any alterations to this Contract makes it null and void.  This Contract constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with regard to the subject matter hereof, and supercedes all previous agreements.  There are no other agreements, representations or warranties, either oral or written, between or among the parties.


Name on card ________________________   Card Type ________________  

3 digit code ____________________  Exp date ________________

Card name/number ______________________________________________

​Billing address for card_______________________________________________________

Card will not be charged unless equipment not returned in 3 working days

Card will be charged should any necessary transport item be missing.

Card will be charged should equipment be lost, and no tracking information provided.

Signature of Card Holder _____________________________  Date ___________

Scan & send to Kelly Hammer - Recorder- Bellissima Farms  -


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