Hammer as a young colt.

Photo courtesy of his original mamma.......

Two & a half years after taking custody , Hammer, our chubby block of a cob has finally been healed sufficient to run & play.  His coat gleams in sunlight  --  all 4 hooves are sturdy & strong.  Mane & tail have replenished - coming in thick & lush -- his sweet as sugar love-bug demeanor remains in place.  Righteous conformation & of course, a big 'ole butt.   Run-of-the-mill discipline has been put on him, creating a well behaved boy (no professional training required for ground manners). Unfortunately, after paying for a seasoned breeding stallion, Hamish is now a gelding as our our ranch has elected to stop replication of pssm-1 gene.  Know your breeder - do your homework.

Hammer (above) a few weeks after his first worming - look at the difference in coat color from just a few weeks earlier (arrival photo on left).  Multiple cycles of parasite control were necessary - and to our surprise, he shed MULTIPLE dry, nasty coats.  

‚ÄčIn turn-out, we noticed his feet were constantly sore, despite treatment for thrush.  Eventually, his feet began to shed....... see photos below.......

Alaria Moss Hamish of Bellissima Farms

Buckskin - Ee  Aa  nCr

Sire: Hustler   Dam: Magikal Farms Gold Charm Palomino

14h  -  gelding

Delivery January 2014... By the end of May 2014, Hamish's front and rear hooves completely sloughed off... leaving him standing on contracted ball-shaped feet. No less than a year of styrofoam blocks, bute, banamine, ulcer medication and countless trimmings helped bring him to a pain free existence.  ***KNOW YOUR SELLER***

Poor Hammer - what a year he had after stepping from Sellers' transport vehicle January 2014.  (photo journal)

We were advised he had "rubbed his mane and tail out" - handed a tube of wormer.  Driver/Seller was reimbursed for fuel - very handsomely tipped - she smiled - and left.  Immediately,we began parasite eradication rotation & psyllium husk, watching in amazement over days as not 1, but 2  rough, dull coats shed off.

Note condition of mane in photos below.  Yep, they had the stones to deliver him in such shabby condition - a high-priced breeding stallion - with less than half a mane.

Round pen work was postponed as Hammer seemed "off" in turn out - perhaps he needed time to toughen his 3 seriously thrushy feet???  No problem, he was enjoying the attention - we loved showering him with love.  

Very quickly we discovered Hammer had the worst ground manners ever: biting handlers, rearing when scolded, did not know his place, dragged handler regardless of stud chain, charging ---- absolutely outrageous behavior for a 4 year old stallion who had already covered mares.  Discipline was necessary for the upcoming breeding season but was in too much pain to work.  The boy had zero muscle tone, flabby chest -- no stamina. Hamish could barely stand, let alone work.  Note condition of burned feather....

To our dismay, instead of getting stronger with stall rest, Hammer began to exhibit hoof growth w/ intense shelves/ridges, similar to what is seen with selenium poisoning.  Response from the Seller was incredible - they insisted he had never been ill and went on to point to our nutrition program, feed, even cool mist (which had not yet been activated)  as probable cause.   (That's right....... it was OUR fault.)  Additional conversations became more unusual.  They claimed his arrival photos looked great and mane/tail/feather  loss was a non-issue.  They insisted none of their other horses had issues, and didn't know what we had done to him. We contacted the vet listed in records who verified she had treated him, but could not release records without payers approval.  Seller insisted the horse was never treated for anything and claimed there was nothing to release. Where was truth?

Months of Vet care, bute, foam blocks -- everything possible was done to alleviate pain.

In short time, his front hooves sloughed off.  Thats right,........ his feet fell off.   Sellers claim was that it was not their fault since only two front hooves sloughed off.  Within a short time, the rear hooves also fell off. Sellers continued to insist they had no clue of his dilemma, even tho' all horse owners recognize hoof growth tells last years story, not current chapter.  (see photos)

During recuperation, Hammer's braids were undone  revealing a hideously scant mane.   Sellers continually insisted he had no medical past & refused to reveal history so we could better help him. It also appears they did not care for our asset while he was in their care - , shamelessly took full $ for an unhealthy, untrained horse.  

One year later, Hamish is moving more fluidly - new hooves have grown -  bute/foam blocks no longer necessary.  Manners are slow to evolve.

We would'nt trade this boy for love nor money - however ................. know your seller  .......   remember, this kid was sold as a 4 yr old seasoned stallion who had already been backed and covered mares   ...............

Hammer - arrival day