Customer satisfaction is our #1 concern.

No advertising can beat "word of mouth".

Sadly, in a litigious society, it is necessary to spell out what guarantees are put forth.

Prior to unnecessary rancor, let's try to find a solution that is mutually beneficial.

1.  Pending delivery of stock to Buyer, Buyer shall assume risk of loss except where loss is caused by gross negligence of Seller.  Injuries incurred during shipment are the responsibility of the shipper.

2.  It is suggested Buyer obtain insurance for animal during transport & post-transport to protect interests, as Seller is held harmless by Buyer in the event of accident, illness, injury or death.

3.  Seller guarantees BFII pup for 1 year past date of purchase.  Rescue pups can not be guaranteed. Buyer should have health exam completed on pup within 3 days of receipt.  This guarantee does not cover negligence by Buyer.  

4.  Horses are to be vet checked at Buyers Expense prior to purchase & insured post-purchase as they cannot be guaranteed due to job description.  

5.  A licensed vet autopsy must be completed on any pup who expires within the Guarantee Period.  Upon receipt of autopsy report confirming congenital illness & confirmation analysis by vet retained by BFII, Seller agrees to replace dog w/ another of equal value. Our animals have a great life - best of everything - nothing but the best is bred, however, schmootz happens.  We want
 you to be happy.

6.  No vet bills will be paid by Bellissima Farms - unless previously agreed upon.

7.  If Buyer opts out of pre-purchase exam, Buyer assumes all risk of illness, injury, loss of use, unsoundness and/or death of equine/canine  post-purchase 

8.  Canine exchange will be considered by Seller if Buyer notifies & returns pup  at Buyers expense within 1 month of purchase WITHOUT any physical or cosmetic alterations.

9.  Neither vet/transportation costs associated w/ any action by Buyer will be paid by Seller

10.  Should Buyer elect to return pup, Buyer agrees no less than $100.00 per pup will be retained by Seller in exchange for lost advertising/sales, website changes, labor, management fees, etc.  

Should pup be returned altered, in any way, different from condition at time of purchase(shaved, medical problems, etc.) Buyer forfeits entire sum as pup is not saleable until original condition is achieved.  Should Buyer have pup spayed/neutered, reimbursement will not occur.  

11.  BFII canines/equines are NEVER to be abandoned to any kind of shelter or rescue.  

Stock is to be returned to BFII who will locate an adoptive home

 Your success is our success................