Coates Guaranteed Gold of Bellissima Farms (imported)

                     2013 cremello - homo agouti - splash ---   ee  CrCr   AA   nSW1  nPATN


                                       Coates Tickled Pink   X   Coates Lisa Marie

                                                PSSM1 clear  - double negative

               standing to the public - $1500.00 ---   excellent chilled semen


                          Gold throws 100% buckskin w/  black homozygous (EE) mare

Lookie, lookie, lookie who'se standing at Bellissima Farms beginning 2017.  

Mr. Big-Stuff.  Mr. Double-Agouti.  Mr. You-Know-I-Got-It-All!!!!!!!  Carries PATN1 - leopard complex spotting (appaloosa pattern - produces variable groups of white spots = pattern galore!)  (VERY exciting)   AND  SW1 = large blaze, extended white on legs, white on belly, pink skin & blue eyes, margins well defined - looks as if dipped in paint, feet first. 

Coates Guaranteed Gold will be entering our stallion line-up, offering that dynamite conformation to the ladies.............. turning the girls into Cinderella before midnight.  ALL the ladies are a Princess to Mr. Gold......... 

​Loving gentleman ........

Limited breedings per year.  $500.00 non-refundable deposit to save your place..............  Gold is PSSM1 clear - as are ALL our stallions.

Photography by Jamie Mammano - some of the BEST horse photography one will ever see