DJ Graciela of Bellissima Farms                                                                (Desert Jewel Velvet)

Sire: WHR Falcon   Dam: Coates Gracie

2009 Bay  EE Aa

PSSM 1 - double clear

Height: 14.1

Sired by legendary Falcon - birthed /nurtured by DJ Coates Gracie (mare who NEVER fails to deliver foals of perfection ) - Graciela is mare of distinction, grand manners & elegance - profuse feather, mane, tail - following in her mothers' tradition of birthing foals of grand conformation & health.  Smooth, fluid movement & superior brood mare   - bred by Desert Jewel who has never failed to perform.

                                                          AVAILABLE FOR 2017 MARE-BELLY-LEASE                                               11/04/2016