Dig, Jump, Swim


A human baby is not expected to know how to swim, 
simply because the birth family owns a pool.  

Same w/ Cresteds!

Pools can be lethal to a dog.

Chinese Cresteds are not "natural swimmers" - they require teaching, like a child.

It is a good idea to expose your pet to water early on.  

Should there be a pool at their new home, teach the dog how to find its' way out, in case of an accident.

Over the years, some of our Cresteds have avoided water - scratching & clawing as they are introduced.  

Others have dived in -- propelled from several feet away -- ears flying in the wind.  They circle like a retriever, exit & shake themselves off - only to repeat the antic at will.

Owning an animal is a responsibility.  

None should be left alone - in ANY environment, until the owner is sure no harm will come by way of their curious nature.



Once in awhile, an otherwise tranquil Chinese Crested will exhibit his amazing ability 
to climb a fence - clamping toes, using all 4 feet - effortlessly scaling a 6 ft. barrier.  

Some pups will stupify onlookers by ascending a chain link fence/block wall in record time.

Others have been known to leap terrific heights - while another may dig, thru rocks, to China.

It is impossible to tell if your new family member is a potential digger/jumper/leaper as these traits usually develop in later adolescense - or in response to an exciting new stimuli.

Digging or jumping is not a "usual" trait - but it DOES happen.

Be aware & safeguard your pet - don't leave them alone in the yard.

Have a micro chip inserted. 

Use identifying ID tags.

REMINDER:  Chinese Cresteds are NOT natural swimmers - should they fall into water, there's a good possibility they would drown.  Teach your dog to swim & how to find their way out of the pool in case of accident.  

CC's are tiny balls of fluff - easy for air/ground predators to carry off.  

PLEASE:  do not leave your dog unattended.  Coyotes have been known to make off w/ a grown dogs in full view of the owner.  

Air predators, such as owls or hawks, can also whisk your beloved family member away.  

Day or night:  do not leave your pup unattended!