DJ  Clononeen Darrig of Bellissima Farms   (imported)

Sire: Clononeen Foundation  Dam: Clononeen Foundation

2001 - ee  aa  - chestnut

PSSM1 - clear double negative



Fee:  $1500.00    Excellent Chilled Semen

GCDHA - FG 1031 455S

Delicious near-perfect tank conformation, wicked mane/feather - experienced parade horse - very best used for foundation breeding stock as this conformation is exactly what should be implemented when replicating a proper cob.  Gentle, cooperative temperament, very easily managed, intelligent, seasoned breeder, excellent breeding numbers.  Flawless solid build, huge bone, unbelievable mane, tail, feather.  Great behavior in large noisy crowds - unflappable.  We are eyeing this stud - yes, a stallion - to be added to roster of horses who serve in our decades-old  "special riders" program.  When gifted w/ temperament so mellow, his place belongs serving Gods' chosen ones. Best part?  Darrig imparts his super-gentle temperament to his get.


PSSM1 - double negative - as are ALL of our stallions.

‚ÄčLimited breedings per year - $500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your place

Darrig gave us 2 divine fillies - 2017 - which will be retained for foundation stock.  Everything about him screams "excellence".