Bellissima Farms  Crimson & Clover

Sire: Pompeiiof Bellissima Farms  Dam: Audris of Bellissima Farms

2015 - ee - aa - nPrl1   -  chestnut pearl

Pssm1 - double clear

​current height 13.2 -  projected height at maturity  14.0

Who doesn't want a Pompeii baby?  Bellissima Farms, as well as other breeders, look to Pompeii's conformation as proper & healthy - EXACTLY what should be duplicated when breeding. This pixey elf is her sire's "mini-me" - stout, big-boned - short back - rounded neck - plethora of feather, mane & tail - adding pearl to mix = recipe for perfection - long curly flaxen forelock & mane.  Bushels of feather.  Wicked bright - boatloads of personality.  Pompeii on 1 side - Silver Bullet on the other.  Clover is the thick solid, hairy, silly cheeky monkey of our ranch.