OF COURSE, they get cold.  Powder puff, hairy hairless, slick hairless - all feel both heat & cold.  

What's the answer?


Sometimes, the answer is "layers & layers of clothes".

In AZ, our pups spend a good deal of the day running, jumping & frolicking.  Spring,Summer & Fall, faces are covered w/ SPF 45  (CVS, Wal-Mart, Target) - bodies w/ soft cotton summer pajamas. 

Pink/white areas of skin burn like a mother - including feet & ears.  Pain associated w/ burning is akin to human sensation of burn:  painful to touch.  

During the heat of day, our dogs retire to a mist-cooled patio or the house, depending on energy levels.

On winter/rainy days, the kids continue to exercise multiple hours, wrapped in layers of clothing.  Mens' tube socks (Wal-mart), cut in half, & again w/ arm holes, make terrific stretchy "wife beater" undershirts.  Easy to bleach - usually makes it thru  multiple launderings before completely worn out. A sock insulation layer helps keep the body warm,however,full body pajamas & coats are usually necessary.

How do I know my dog is cold?

Easy - he'll shiver.  Read body language as tho' the pup were a small child - unable to communicate effectively.  If he needs exercise, pile on the layers - otherwise, bring him indoors.  Cresteds are not outdoor dogs, but they do enjoy lots of enthusiastic romping.

Remember the pads of their little feet make direct contact w/ pavement (burns in summer - freezes in winter). 

Some owners report their dogs LOVE laying in front of the fireplace for hours on end.  Mine certainly do.  The fireplace tends to mesmerize & warm simultaneously.  

Almost every store has a pet center - varieties of styles/color clothing is available at reasonable prices.  

Weather should not be your sole director. The unwritten rule is: every Crested owner has a flamboyant side - best evidenced by the dog's outfits, including hats & collars. 

Skip the Starbucks - buy your dog a new sailor suit.