Chat & Online Forums

The suggested intent of most chat lines is to trade ideas, ask questions, 
share learning experiences & help others.  Most internet forums stick to 
devotional gushing over a particular subject & invite other happy addicts 
to join in, trading health information, diminishing myths & encouraging others 
thru problems.
For the most part, the CC's have an entwined group of devotees who share their 
passion, experiences & dedication to this unique little dog.  
We are all nuts about our Cresteds & love trading stories!
Sadly, this once-healthy collection of devotees has been infiltrated & sullied by a select group of sour gossipers who choose to spend time trashing the good name of others, including some wonderful breeders who have passed away.  And, as expected from a yellow-belly coward, they remain nameless, faceless - hiding behind phony monikers.
Ignore gossip - simply because words are repeated online does not make them the truth.  In addition, ownership of 1 or 2 dogs does not make the person an expert ....  it only makes them the owner of 1 or 2 dogs .... & nothing further.
Bitter comments have been made regarding breeders who have a large number of championship wins to their kennel.  Sometimes, the comments are true - sometimes - its just plain, old sour grapes.
Most breeders/owners do not elect to go the exhibition route, so the kennel does not carry ribbons of any color.  A ribbonless breeding does not indicate the dogs are not healthy, strong, exercised, well nutritioned, unfulfilled or unloved.  
Some bloggers recklessly crucify dog owners who elect not to enter the show ring - accusing them of "not fulfilling the breed" -- as if exhibition makes a dog healthier, happier or better bonded.  Many CC owners' don't give a hoot about "fulfilling the breed" -- they only care about "fulfilling their heart" (hooray for them).
In sad attempts to identify themselves as educators, some bloggers make preposterous claims regarding their personal wins, when simple math will prove them wrong -- as there are only so many shows, in so many locations, per year.  Remaining nameless & faceless - trumpeting vague fables of ghost ribbons & phantom wins - who can verify the truth?  They ruthlessly criticize websites, updates, lineages, - even the weight of dogs in photos .
These dour keyboard warriors accuse non-exhibitors of a multitude of sins - simply because an owner chooses to move in a path different from theirs.  It is a forum of sour unity --  woe to the individual who dares to think differently. Objection to their opinion is met w/ public humiliation, scorn , criticism -- & paranoid accusations of conspiracy.
Good grief - we are talking about dogs, exhibition & burdensome contracts.  Put it in perspective, will ya?  It's not about a second gunman on the grassy knoll or weapons of mass destruction....................
Some lizards waste precious time contacting breeders, pretending to be buyers, asking questions which clearly define them as competitors.  Seasoned breeders rapidly identify the ruse, cut the conversation short - only to find themselves being clobbered on the internet - smeared w/ groundless dirt.  Small people feel no shame, sneaking around, robbing people of time - when the best way to handle things is to be upfront.  Their behavior has no good intent - gathering partial facts, later distributing scandalous remarks on-line - claiming to report for "the good of the breed". Occasionally, veiled threats are aimed toward a Breeder, indicating they will be victim to unbearable wrath should they not choose to conform to their ways.  
Some ignorantly select terminology used in the equine world, i.e. "breeding facility", shape it to fortify their own accusations  -- too dumb to know breeding facilites labor to handle all types of advanced animal preservation/husbandry, including difficult breedings & AI's, in conjunction w/  reproductive specialists, nutritional devvelopments & other ranches.
Practicing yellow journalism seems to be a regular pastime for these sad folks.  Like the Klan, they wear hoods & secret themselves behind code names, savaging reputations, weaving falsehoods -- gathering weak minded fools as they roll.
Pathetically, some long-time breeders who have passed away, do not escape the vile web of poisonous scandal. The bloggers feast on the bloodied reputation of a dead person -  acting like a big, fat, toxic engorged tick - using anothers' life to fortify their livlihood.
What kind of monster fails to allow the dead to rest in peace?
An intelligent mind searches for new ways, fresh answers & greater knowledge.  

A stunted mind refuses to grow & chooses only to kick around/enlarge the perceived failures of others. 

Hollow, puny people can only appear tall when standing on the flattened reputation of a giant.......
Put it in perspective: we are discussing Chinese Crested dogs - not the lives of soldiers at war.....................
While I understand passionate discussions, I just don't understand threats by folks who are too cowardly to identify themselves.  In most cases, the town crier has not done any business w/ the Breeder, never visited the site, nor do they know anyone who has.  They have never conversed w/ a well-satisfied customer, a multiple buyer - nor do they want to.  Some sickos PREFER to complain, because they wake up miserable & need something to legitimatize their anger -- not allowing truth to get in their way.

 FACT:  Exhibition ribbons cost about .19 cents.  
Sometimes .... an Exhibitor takes ownership of a ribbon because they were the best of all others who exhibited that class -
Sometimes .... an Exhibitor takes ownership of a ribbon because they were the ONLY ones who showed up for the class -
        in an empty, echoing arena.......... devoid of competition.......................
To some:  ownership of a ribbon is the only thing that matters -- 
                                          not how they won it........... or who they competed against.....................
We all know deeply miserable bastards:  we work next to them, date them, or see them across the room at family reunions. They are the naysayers who curse the darkness instead of lighting a candle.  The lazy ones who fail to volunteer, yet curse or mock the system - 
the energy-vampires who suck the happiness out of your day.  
No medication exists to numb their pain -- or yours, when dealing w/ them.  
Beware of internet cesspools who claim to look to "guide the newcomer".  Some of these tragic individuals need guidance themselves - & it doesn't come in the form of a chat line.  
Do your homework, trust instinct & make decisions based on good sense & logic.  
Rely on your internal antenna.  
Proceed w/ caution.
This is the same internet that carries recipes for bombs, avenues for predators & conversations between terrorists.  

Put it all in perspective .....