As in any marketplace, competition is rampant among Chinese Crested breeders.
There are plenty of "back yard breeders" who are honest, ethical & produce healthy, quality pups.  
Sadly, there are other back yard breeders who cut corners on nutrition, exercise, vet expense (worming, inoculations, dental scaling, removal of baby teeth, etc. ) because they just don't have time or financial means to adequately invest themselves in the project.  Breeders may work a fulltime job away from the home w/ pups emerging from the kennel a scant few hours a day. 
Exercise is limited & conditions not optimal.
The same holds true for "long time" Breeders.
"Long time" doesn't necesarily mean they know or do it 
better -- it simply means they've been doing it a long 
time.  Similar expense cutting may also exist.

Wisdom or a professional attitude does not always 
come w/ time.
Potential detractions: 
+ Necessary exercise (promising optimal bone strength) is limited - conditions may not be the best.
+ Gestational nutrition for dams may fail to meet additonal growth requirements of pups in utero.
+ Foundation stock may be weak, close bred or possess notable defects that are best not repeated by breeding.
+ Routine worming or innoculations not completed in a timely fashion
+ No regular bathing, grooming, nails, dental hygiene
Every breeder, including Bellissima Farms, had to begin w/ foundation stock 
acquired from other sources.  Over the years, many of our dealings have been gracious, honorable & straight-forward.  Most pups have been healthy, of good strong lineage, well-tempered & beautiful.
BFII has interacted w/ both "back yard" & "long time" breeders, searching out the most flawless stock available to carry on our ranch's reputation.  We have been lucky enough to work w/ some super people, genuinely interested in devoting time & excellence to the breed.  Most also happen to be good & honest business people.  These folks not only trade bloodlines to encourage healthy out-breeding, but also share information to enhance the breed profile.  
Alas, some dealings have not been so pleasant. 
* Promises of AKC paperwork - never arrives
* Contracts w/ demands to remain partial owners - after financial exchange
* Contracts w/ demands of unlimited breedings - after financial exchange
* Contracts demanding Purchaser exhibit pup - after financial exchange
* Promises of AKC paperwork - later discovering documents are from  Canadian Registry, not USA
***$ sent for dog - w/ later demands of more $ for release of AKC papers
* Purchasing pup as breeding stock, yet Breeder later demands spay/neutering pup or refusal to send Registration papers
* Bizarre contracts threatening court action, etc.
What a crock.  
Some folks want a Buyer to pay for the dog, then retain unlimited use for their own breeding purposes & financial gain. What????   What did you pay for?  To rent/lease the animal? 
Once $ passes hands, the dog should be yours - free & clear - no further ties to the Seller. 
Some Breeders refuse to sell unless the Buyer signs an agreement to enter the animal in exhibitions for X number of years.  Fact is:  most buyers want a dog for personal reasons, not to exhibit.  Many Buyers are not interested in the show ring & don't care to try it.

A Buyer has no right to dictate future behavior w/ your pet.  Those types of demands are batty - SOLELY benefitting a Breeder who will be able to claim championship progeny.    

Dog shows promote the breeders name - while the owner pays entry fees -  grooming/training/handling - all to promote a shrewd breeder.  

Let the breeder pay for his own stinking advertising.
If you feel uncomfortable w/ a sellers demands, move on to someone else. The marketplace is nowhere near as cloistered as a decade ago.
Another scam is where self-proclaimed purists argue a contract is necessary to make sure "unworthy" dogs are not bred. How do they plan to monitor unpapered breedings?  Hoist themselves over your fence, break into your home & examine the pups' belly?  Ridiculous!  They may be able to thwart papered breedings, but can't do a darn thing about anything else.

Some claim the pup is not breeding quality - could be true - it happens.  Some babies are born, regardless of genetics, carrying flaws that should not be repeated.  If so, flaws should be represented in a price discount.  If price does not fortify the Breeder's claims - take pause & think about things.  

A more distressing situations is where a Breeder will claim a dog is not worthy to be bred, yet offers breeding allowances for an additional fee.  How does an "unworthy" dog become "worthy" by paying $$$$ to the Breeder?   

Due to costs associated w/ foundation stock, registry fees, etc. - it is standard operating procedure to affix a cost to breeding permission - however, it can not elevate merits possessed by the animal.
Some Breeders claim they behave in a certain manner for the sake of the breed.  Doing what?  Placing unreasonable demands on a person who simply desires a particular breed of dog?

Some threaten court, etc. - what the heck?  The government is reducing fire & policemen, our soldiers are all over the globe, people are losing their homes -- but these Breeders choose to choke up the legal system over your dog's genitals.  Crazy ....  just crazy. 
Use caution  - the internet has the potential to make a nobody look like a somebody.
Who is policing them while they are policing you?
Another hoax is where a Breeder insist the only studs worthy to sire future litter are their own - claiming to know what "crosses best" w/ their lineage. 

There is no perfect stud or dam - nor can a single dog enhance/cure every weakness of every dog they breed.

Hmmmm .... let's review the facts:  A breeder sells a female AND permission to breed - then positions themselves to further bleed the Buyer out of stud fees --   cha-ching!!!!  Easy as shooting fish in a barrel!  To add insult to injury:  some Breeders also demand pick of the litter.  Think things over before giving up so much.

While it's true a Breeder may host numerous studs - from various lineage - the Breeder should NOT be the decision maker on which is used - holding AKC papers hostage.  Buyers may need direction/guidance, but some Breeders act in a self-serving fashion, putting their interest ahead of the clients.  

Not every stud can replicate himself, nor can every breeding be expected to mirror the previous litter. While some wonderful similarities continue on, each litter is unique.
Squeezing $ out of a Buyer, then demanding to remain partial owner, dictating exhibition/breeding behavior, is hogwash.  Purchasing a animal should not be a request to enter into a partnership.
If the Breeders is so concerned w/ the dog's best interest, keep it instead of trading for cash & ominous threats. 
A sales contract should reasonable & protect BOTH parties. When paperwork to purchase a pup over rides the amount of paperwork needed to buy a house -- something is wrong.
The majority of Buyers desire Cresteds solely to cuddle on the couch.  Good enough for me!

Exhibiting dogs is time consuming & requires terrific dedication.  Some who enter the ring are very, very good at what they do. These folks should be applauded for excellence.

On the other hand:  if it's not your "thing" - don't worry about it  -  and don't be bull-dozed into any activity unless you CHOOSE to engage. 
Do your homework - don't be hustled into signing ridiculous paperwork. There are many superior breeders who do a terrific job - all over the USA  - no need to be tethered by unreasonable demands of a local Breeder.
Put the whole deal in perspective.  

You are purchasing a dog - not marrying their daughter.