You name it, we tried it.  This ranch has been breeding for decades & have run the gamut on almost every single brand of dog food:  soft, hard, wet, dry, natural, organic, adding vegetables, removing vegetables  ..................   

Fresh chicken, cooked rice, even salmon............   each diet had its own pros & cons.

Happily, we settled on Costco's brand - Kirkland Lamb & Rice, combined w/ a bit of yogurt (probiotics) & cottage cheese.  Dyne vitamins are diluted & washed over the blend. The dogs love the flavor, have no digestive concerns (including gas) & sport beautiful skin & coat.

Kirkland's kibble includes glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, omega-6 & omega 3fatty acids, in addition to:  

 lamb             lamb meal      white rice      rice bran     egg products     cracked pearl barley        carrots
peas             beet pulp        potatoes       fish meal     flax seed           brewers yeast                  whole grain brown rice
kelp              cranberries     rosemary      parsley       chicory root       chicken fat                        dried beet pulp  

also included are:

Vit  E                      glucosamine                     chondroitin sulfate                  
Vit B-6                    taurine                              zinc
Vit B-12                  iron                                   maganese
Vit D                       copper                              niacin
Vit A                       thiamine
folic acid

23.0%   crude protein
14.0%   crude fat
 4.0%    crude fiber
10.0%   mositure

200 mg/kg min. - zinc
  0.4mg/kg min  - selenium
150 IU/kg          - vit E
2.2%Omega 6  - fatty acids
0.4%Omega 3  - fatty acids
300 mg/kg min  - glucosamine
100 mg/kg min  - chondroitin sulfate

40 lb. bags available.