Whiskey River Calico of Bellissima Farms

                                                                   (Whiskey River Absolute Citron)

                                                              2015 black silver dapple - Ee  aa  nZ

                              Sire:  Whiskey River Patron Silver  Dam:  Gold Cuvee


                                                             GV 03745P

                                                                    PSSM1 - clear double negative

One of the NICEST bred mares in USA.  Super sweet, super loving .......  BEST temperament on ranch.

​Hoping Spring/Summer photos will better introduce this up and coming mare.  Incredibly docile, sweet tempered, loves to be loved.  Thinking she may mature between 14.2-14.3, and still growing.  Takes to strangers quickly, follows around as chores being done.  Never has had a bad day.  Her winter coat is dark, dark chocolate -- will be interesting to see what warmer weather will uncover.