How in the WORLD...... did we get so lucky???  

According to Judith & Clive, each of their bay fillies are named after picturesque bays along the Welsh coastline, ex:  Baglan Bay, Skrinkle Bay, Sandy Haven Bay, etc.

This diminutive filly was named after the very pretty Gower Coast Bay - Oyster Bay.

Where does one find pearls?  In OYSTERS!  Thus, San Cler Oyster Bay!  


Brown Sugar is a tiny pearl trinket w/ magnificent conformation .... and even BETTER temperament.  Loaded with confidence, despite size, she exited transport vehicle, after generous week+ of travel.  Bold & sure of herself, she bellied up to the bar, helped herself to fresh PA hay, washing it down with cool water.  Afterwards, she ran up/down hills, sure footed and happy -- easy acclimation.  She is ever-so-sassy, ever-so-sure of herself.  LOVES humans....

​Stands for grooming - no need to tie

Has been appointed as baby-sitter to 2017 weanlings - and she sure keeps them in line. 

 ........ can only imagine what tomorrows' development will be........ 

(imported)San Cler  Brown Sugar of BellissimaFarm   

                                                       (San Cler Oyster Bay)


                                                     bay pearl   -  Ee  Aa  Prl

                                               San Cler Nero   X   Jaffa

                                                     PSSM1 - double negative