American royalty - Lenny on paternal side, SD Murphy on maternal side - FABULOUS conformation - one of the best I've ever seen.  Excellent bone - generous feather - easy going temperament.

SD Murphy is one of the "winning-est stallions" in USA today.  His daughter SD (Maeve) Mercy of Bellissima Farms is one of those mares who has never had a bad day in her life.  Temperament of gold, which, of course, was imparted to Simeon.  She also bestowed her crazy markings, making this boy a beautiful addition to any ranch.  Mercy is 13.2, Zane 14.0 - this boy should mature to somewhere in between.   Gorgeous head, beautiful soft dark eyes, perfect ears - he is an astonishing beauty. Very gentle - cooperative - alot of handling.  Smart.  Our horses have a "right of first refusal buy back" because we know what we breed, are confident in our stock & don't want any to end up somewhere where they shouldnt be.  $7500.00

                  Bellissima Farms Simeon     FOR  SALE

                                               2016 chestnut colt - ee Aa

Sire:  Archbishop Zane of Bellissima Farms - Dam:  SD Mercy of Bellissima Farms

                                       PSSM1 - double negative