D J Arch Bishop Zane of Bellissima Farms

Sire: Lenny's Horse   Dam: Coates Dolche

2010 chestnut silver, max sabino   -   ee  aa  nZ1 


​Pssm1 - clear double negative

Fee: $1500.00 Excellent Chilled Semen

Son of astounding Lenny's Horse, one of the BEST bloodlines in UK/USA gypsy foundation stock  Zane was  a bit rag-tag as colt, however, due to Lennys equally slow development - gelding was held off until he could best be evaluated for excellence.  Yep, like his father before him, he matured slowly,  revealing the goodness - year by year.  Absolute ultimate temperament for stud - kind, yields to handlers' wishes, quick to catch on to new things.  Loves attention.  THICK, long braids & getting thicker by the year.  Understood phantom & AI procedures by second attempt.  Super sweet face, thick forelock shielding most gorgeous expressive eyes.  Gobs of hair.  We believe this boy is still developing & will only be better in the future. He is, in a word, "remarkable".

PSSM1 - clear double negative - as are ALL our stallions. 

 Limited breedings per year.  $500.00 non-refundable deposit to hold your place

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