Bellissima Farms  Applejacks

Sire: Hamish of Bellissima Farms    Dam: Tapestry of Bellissima Farms

2015 - Ee - Aa - nCr1 - nPrl1   -   buckskin pearl

projected height @ maturity    14.2-14.3

                           NOT AVAILABLE FOR MARE-BELLY-LEASE PROGRAM                       10/04/2017

​Applejacks was spoiled rotten to the core by Ted-  allowing her to get away with anything - crawling into his lap. licking his head, tons of kisses, pulling at his clothing.  Currently, at 14.2-14.3, she shadows him on tractor, taking full face of exhaust, just to be loved.  Incredibly kind and sweet, she spends her time, running and playing, being a horse.  Feather is fried as our horses are not incarcerated in a tight environment.  They are free range (within reason) have