2017  Bellissima Farms Jory     -     $6000.00

2017 smoky black (EE nCr) colt

Pompeii   x   Bambina

PSSM1 - double clean via parentage

Bellissima Farms Simeon     -     $7500.00


Archbishop Zane  x  SD Mercy

American royalty - paternal side offers Lenny - maternal SD Murphy

chestnut w/ agouti   -   ee Aa

PSSM1 - double clear -- via parentage

IMPORTED  ---   Coates Golden Ticket    -   $17,000.00


Coates Tickled Pink   x   Coates Red Mare

double dilute - ee  aa  CrCr TT

cremello homo tobiano

PSSM1 - double clear 

Photos available - Stallion category

IMPORTED  ---   Flash of Ice - $17000.00


Coates Colour of Ice by Boxer Bill   x   Coates Tia by Flash of Gold

double dilute - hetero tobiano - sabino!  A rainbow of color and patterns!  ee  Aa  CrCr   Tt Sab1

cremello tobiano sabino w/ agouti

PSSM1 - double clear!

Photos available - Stallion category

2017  Bellissima Farms Jedidiah     -     $6000.00

2017 black (EE) colt 

Pompeii   x   Babylon

PSSM1 - double clean via parentage

Bellissima Farms