Bellissima Farms

   Timeless Perfection

Nestled in the rural back roads of South Huntington Township, PA ........... 

Bellissima Farms is home to Susie Opalinski-Levy  & son Thaddeus Opalinski  .... 

along w/  the family's herd of Gypsy Cobs, Chinese Crested pups & Sphynx cats. 

Combining the most awesome legendary lineages - weaving notable personalities from UK & USA breeders, 
BFII artfully incorporates the best conformations & thick bone - coupled with the most gentle temperaments...

 Stock is topped with unique colors/patterns  &  gobs of mane/feather.

Here, only the finest are selected, hand bred, birthed, trained & enjoyed.

Horse/human trust begins with attended births & generous imprinting - daily interaction & studied nutrition.

BFII gypsy cobs are not incarcerated in stalls w/ minimal exercise. 

Our primary plan for moving 2000 miles (AZ to PA) was to allow our horses to grow as nature intended - free moving, roaming constantly, eating fresh graze whenever possible. 

The feathers may be burned, but skeletal structure is strong w/ muscled soft tissue. 

Feather is cosmetics & grows back easily - but, unless a horse gently stresses bones daily w/ continued movement, a lifetime of durability & health cannot be promised.  

BFII horses are fluid art, created with love, moving as easily as calligraphy flows............

   Camera network w/   24/7 monitoring from office, residence or cell.  

Website updates weekly - stay tuned for news, including new stock acquisitions, foals, imports, sale horses, etc.

Someone catch your eye - but not listed for sale?  Ask us........   

BFII is a 7 day a week working ranch, therefore, impromptu tours are not possible.  Visitors by appointment only.

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