Timeless Perfection

Nestled in the equine conservation corridor of Scottsdale, AZ,   Bellissima Farms is home to Susie Opalinski-Levy  & son Ted Opalinski  - along w/  the family's Gypsy Vanners.  Boasting some of the most awesome legendary lineages, Bellissima Farms artfully incorporates the best conformations - coupled with the most gentle temperaments - finished with unique colors/patterns = creating moving art. Here, only the finest horses are selected, hand bred & birthed, trained, enjoyed, exhibited & loved.

Our AZ estate, featured in both print & TV projects, began as a years-long affair, launched by the discovery of a neglected parcel, endless negotiations, years of renovations, finally culminating in the ultimate breeding facility as it currently stands.    Horse/human trust begins with attended births with generous imprinting.   Camera systems allow  24/7 monitoring of behavior/development from office, residence or cell.  

We invite visitors to stay tuned for  updates of new stock acquisitions/breedings/foals  &  celebrate  development of our east coast operations in South Huntington Township - Pennsylvania.  

Visitors by appointment only.

Contact :  opalinski_levy@hotmail.com

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Bellissima Farms